Bald Eagle Observatory Lobby and Elevated Viewing Walk

Bald Eagle Observatory Lobby and Elevated Walk:  With the village situated in the heart of the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve and having the highest concentration of eagles in close proximity to the village, it only made sense that our facility should serve as a visitor center for the many people that come to visit the Preserve.  At the time of this writing, June 2013, there are no accommodations for visitors to the Preserve despite the fact that the Preserve has been in existence for over 30 years.  The Bald Eagle Observatory portion of our facility will have a spacious viewing lobby with vaulted ceilings and picture windows that will allow visitors to take in a view of the sky, Chilkat Mountain peaks, the Chilkat River, and the many eagles that gather in this location.  The elevated board walk will extend from the south end of the building and will extend out to the river’s edge.  The walk will be wheel chair accessible and will be equipped with spotting scopes that will allow visitors to get an even closer view.  The JKHC has been working toward a formal arrangement with the Alaska Division of Parks to be a lessee in our building and to have Parks personnel serve as interpretive guide to visitors who want to know more about the eagles.

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