Phase III - JKHCHC Floor Plan

Phase III-JKCHC designated building uses:

Archival and Artifacts Storage and Exhibit Display:  The JKCHC building has substantial display and storage space to accommodate these treasures in a protected environment.  The building will be fully equipped with fire and theft protection, and environmental controls that will prevent stress and will prolong the life of the clan treasures. These sections of the building will have their own air handling units and their own key entry systems to ensure the highest level of protection practicable.  One portion of the display area is a replica clan house that is designated to house the Whale House Collection and will also include interpretive displays that will serve to educate the public on Tlingit ceremonial and mortuary practices.  Having the clan treasures on display will also serve as inspiration to the community’s budding artists who will be able to see with their own eyes the level of artistry and workmanship that went into the creation of the house posts, worm dish, and Rainwall Screen. 

The JKCHC is leading the way on how to address the needs of the community to both preserve and perpetuate our native heritage.  It is only fitting that the clan of our founding fathers, the Gaanaxteidi (Klukwan Raven Clan), were the first to negotiate a loan agreement with the JKHC non-profit organization to place their clan treasures within our facility.  If you are in support of our efforts to preserve and perpetuate our heritage and want to donate to the JKCHC building project, please navigate to our donations page by clicking on the “Support the JKCHC” heading above.  You can read more about the Whale House Collection by clicking this link:

Museum Curator and Work spaces:  Every museum needs space to properly care for objects that are added to their  collections.  The museum work space will include office space for a curator, and isolation room, workshop for preparing exhibits and doing other curatorial and conservatory work on pieces that are brought into the JKCHC for either display or storage. 

Community Education Classroom Space/Art Studio: The JKCHC building will not only preserve the cultural heritage of the community but will also serve to perpetuate it.  For the past twenty years there has been renewed interest in learning the traditional arts and for the past ten years the JKHC has partnered with the University of Alaska Southeast---Sitka Campus, to host Tlingit Language classes and a variety of Northwest Coast arts classes and workshops including: Wood Carving, Basketry, Skin/Leather sewing, Felt Appliqué, Chilkat and Ravenstail Weaving, and more.  The village has hosted the classes in various buildings throughout the community but now the JKCHC will have designated space for the UAS classes and are expecting to lease space to UAS which will help sustain the building as well as help the perpetuation of our cultural arts.  The classroom space will have ample storage for the arts and crafts tools, materials, and reference books as well as its own office space for the cultural activities/community education coordinator (funded through UAS and JKHC).  Having this designated space will facilitate the local artists who do not have ample space in their own homes.  In the summer months the classroom space will be used as an art studio for local artists to demonstrate their crafts as a featured part of Heritage Center Tour.  

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