Site Plan

Site Plan:  The site plan shows the lay out of the JKCHC Campus which includes the four buildings of the Traditional Knowledge Camp including the Clan House, Adzing Shed, Smoke House, and Fish Drying Shed with the nearby fish cutting table. The Hospitality House which currently houses the Bentwood Box Gift Shop (which may later be re-located to the main Heritage Center Building), public restrooms with showers (for use by camp residents), a commercial kitchen, and dining area that seats forty people.  The JKCHC Building, and future plans for JKCHC nature trails that connect to the Bald Eagle Preserve Trail.  The Chilkat Indian Village is currently working with the Takshanuk Watershed Council and the Alaska Department of Transportation to work towards restoration of a salmon stream that runs through the area of the trails.  When the trails are in place, the JKHC plans to add guided interpretive walks to their tour options, for those who are interested in the Tlingit names and traditional and contemporary plant uses of our people.    

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